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Discover our bacteria-free Tumbler

Discover our bacteria-free Tumbler

When you drink from your standard shaker, a lot of powder lumps stick to the corners of your bottle. Next time you come to drink from it, you are damaging your health. This is because the wasted mixture causes accelerated harmful bacteria build-up consisting of approximately 17% E-Coli and 27% Strep. In a premium thermos flask or your standard shaker, this bacteria is almost impossible to clean when it gets stuck in the corners or is out of the reach of a cleaning brush.

The same cannot be said of a ShakeSphere Tumbler. In the first place, the capsule shape of our bottles means that there will never be powder lumps stuck to the corners. In fact, there are no corners at all. That also means that a ShakeSphere Tumbler is incredibly simple to clean using only a little bit of water. And, as a result, you won’t have to worry about the build-up of harmful bacteria when you next come to drink from it. So choose a hygienic ShakeSphere Tumbler instead, and stop putting your health at risk unnecessarily.

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